Montessori Plus

Early Learning Center

In just a few short months, your baby goes from a helpless newborn to a Toddler. At Montessori Plus Early Learning Center, developmental milestones assist the staff and the parents in planning for each baby. The specially prepared daily schedule is designed to facilitate and encourage each baby's body and brain to live in the outside world.

Activities are planned which allow each baby to develop at his/her own pace in the areas of gross motor development (pulling up, scooting, crawling, cruising, walking); fine motor development with activities to assist in mastering the use of his/her hands (pincer grip, feeding self); language/cognitive skill development (discovering their voices); and social skills development (interacting with others, games, cause & effect). The room is lively with lots of music, singing and movement. A primary caregiver in the room is assigned to each baby.